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Transporting the dishwasher If the water pressure is higher, install a Drain water from the dishwasher. Secure pressure reducing valve. The appliance should only Flow rate: Waste disposal Disposal of the packaging Please dispose of the packaging Disposal material in an environmentally friendly manner.

Old appliances are not worthless rubbish. Valuable raw materials can be reclaimed Corrugated cardboard consists by recycling old appliances. Pull out the mains plug of the redundant The moulded polystyrene parts do not appliance. Also See for Dishwasher Instructions for use manual - 40 pages Operating instructions manual - 40 pages Operating instructions manual - 30 pages.

Page of 31 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Summary of Contents for Siemens Dishwasher Page 3: Table Of Contents Arranging crockery, glasses, etc. Safety Instructions Delivery according to the installation and Immediately check the packaging and assembly instructions. Getting To Know Your Appliance, Water Softener Getting to know your You will need to purchase the following before using the appliance dishwasher for the first time: Filling The Special Salt Container , then salt must be added to the dispenser.

Adding Rinse Aid Adding rinse aid Convenient rinse-aid filling procedure with half-open door Rinse aid is used in the rinsing cycle to Open the rinse-aid lid and pull out the ensure clear glasses and stain-free hinged filling aid until it locks into utensils.

Unsuitable Dishes To prevent damage, take glass and cycle. Detergents Do not use normal washing-up liquid! Filling With Detergent Detergent dispenser with dosing aid The graduated detergent dispenser helps you add the correct amount of detergent. Auto 3in1 auto 3in1 Reduce costs! Programme Overview Amount of dishwasher very little a lot a little food remains prior to washing.

Maintenance And Care You can help prevent faults by checking and maintaining your appliance regularly. Spray Arms The water is no longer pumped Inspect the nozzles in the spray arms out of the dishwasher and it can be seen for blocked holes due to remnants of covering the filter.

Take glass and cutlery out of the dishwasher as soon as possible after the programme ends. Detergent Detergent dispenser with dosing aid You can use tablets as well as powder The graduated detergent dispenser or liquid detergents for dishwashers, helps you add the correct amount of but never use washing up liquid.

Tablets powder or liquid detergent: Warnings Do not place small parts for washing in the tablet collecting tray ; this prevents the tablet from dissolving evenly. If you want to add more utensils after the programme has started, do not use the tablet collecting tray as a handle for the upper basket. Overview of programmes The max. The corresponding programmes for your appliance can be found on the fascia.

At the end of the programme please open Intensive drying the door fully and not partially when The final rinse uses a higher temperature emptying the dishwasher. Any escaping which improves the drying result.

Regularly clean door seal with a damp cloth. Never use a steam cleaner to clean your dishwasher. The manufacturer is not liable for any consequential damage. Regularly wipe the front of the appliance and fascia with a damp cloth; water and a little washing up liquid are adequate. Spray arms Waste water pump Limescale and contaminants in the rinsing Large food remnants in the rinsing water water may block nozzles and bearings on not retained by the filters may block the the spray arms waste water pump.

The rinsing water is then not pumped out and covers the filter. Food residue on the utensils. E24 Waste water hose is Utensils placed too closely blocked or kinked. E25 Waste water pump Too little detergent. If you are unable to rectify the fault, please Unsuitable detergent. The deposit will be returned once the purchaser has made good in a satisfactory manner.

Title does not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full. The hour and odometer readings on machinery and vehicles in this sale cannot be warranted and should not be relied upon. Due to the Data Protection Act, all software and data will be removed from computers prior to selling. No further access will be available after this time. No forklift available onsite. Bidders are strongly advised to read them carefully.

Lambert Smith Hampton will only accept payment from and permit removal of lots purchased by the successful purchaser or their duly appointed agent. Overseas purchasers must, on acceptance of offers, advise of their intentions to export their good immediately and notify our Sales Co-ordinator, Elaine Allan [ eallan lsh.

Overseas purchasers will be required to provide details of: Please also ensure that: Please note that many of the machinery removal companies in this country are not necessarily freight forwarders. We will be pleased to advise accordingly. Where satisfactory evidence is not provided, goods and services will be subject to UK VAT at the standard rate and the deposit will not be refunded.

Please ensure that the cashier has been notified of your intentions to export prior to removal of goods. If you intend to export your purchases using your own transport either by sea, rail or air , then VAT will be levied and refunded upon receipt of satisfactory documentation, supporting removal of the goods purchased. Lambert Smith Hampton reserve the right to refuse to accept the bid of any bidder should they be unable to satisfy Lambert Smith Hampton on any of the above.

Bidding for any lot shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions and any conditions in the Notices to Purchasers. If there is any inconsistency between any of these conditions and anything in the Notices to Purchasers, then those in the Notices to Purchasers shall prevail.

Inspection and Description 2. Limitation of Liability 3. Conduct of Sale 4. If any dispute of whatsoever nature relating to a bid shall arise, such dispute shall be determined by the Auctioneers in their absolute discretion and whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any registration at its sole discretion.

The highest bid at the close of bidding subject to approval by the Auctioneers and Vendor also marks a conclusion of a contract of sale between the Vendor and the Buyer.

The Buyer will be held personally and solely liable for a bid unless the Auctioneers have previously agreed in writing with the Buyer that the bidder will do so on behalf of an identified third party acceptable to the Auctioneers.

In circumstances where the Auctioneers have so agreed, the Buyer and the third party will jointly and severally be liable for all obligations arising from the bid where a third party shall be bound by these conditions by the individual bidding as his agent in the same way as if he were bidding personally. The price payable by the Buiyer for the purchase of the lots secured shall be the sale price, being the highest bid and accepted by the Auctioneer in accordance with condition , plus the buyers premium and any other associated costs if any and VAT applicable at the prevailing rate.

The price of the goods purchased is exclusive of Value Added Tax VAT , which where applicable, the Buyer shall be additionally liable to pay to the Auctioneer. As from the date and time the Buyer is declared, all risks in and relating to the Goods purchased, shall pass to the Buyer and the Buyer is strongly advised to effect insurance for these risks at once.

In no circumstances will the Auctioneers or the Vendor be responsible if any Goods or part thereof be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed after the Buyer is declared. The Vendor shall only sell such title to the Goods as he may have.

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